Dentissimo at the Spotlight of DENTAL-EXPO 2018

Dentissimo at the Spotlight of DENTAL-EXPO 2018

The 42nd Moscow International Dental Forum and Exhibition sees a row of new products in oral hygiene and prophylaxis, Dentissimo being one of them in demand. Most of our stand visitors – stomatology specialists – are highly interested in the VEGAN toothpaste with Vitamin B12, toothpaste-gel for Pregnant Lady & Young Mum, Advanced Whitening GOLD toothpaste and EXTRA-Whitening toothpaste with 100% Natural Activated Carbon.

Over two years Dentissimo has gained recognition in the professional community as the brand with high-quality and diverse Swiss product line. The use of innovative formulas and the combination of natural ingredients and biomimetic technologies make Dentissimo toothpaste efficient and advisable for daily use that is getting confirmed by unceasing consumer interest.

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Date: 2018-09-26

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