Launch of New Dentissimo VEGAN Toothpaste!

Launch of New Dentissimo VEGAN Toothpaste!

We are delighted to announce the start of new Dentissimo VEGAN with Vitamin B12 toothpaste-gel. It is rightful evidence to the saying: when you protect nature it will pay back. The new product is particularly designed for people who follow veganism philosophy and embrace all kinds of human and animal interactions except for turning the latter into a food source and guinea pigs. Thoughtfully enriched with the vitamin, which can help to natural metabolic processes of proteins and lipid, the toothpaste sets off its deficiency in the vegan diet and does it in the simplest way possible.

First, Vitamin B12 is easily and naturally absorbed through the oral cavity. Second, no reminders are required for taking the supplements, as the one always remembers to brush the teeth. Third, no careful dosage calculations are needed because the toothpaste contents are safe and harmless for the body.

Additionally, the toothpaste-gel also includes such active ingredients as Geranium, Sage Extract and Commiphora Myrrha Oil that collectively have sanitising qualities and soothing action on the gums. Hydrated Silica and Xylitol in their turn contribute to gentle cleaning of the teeth from plaque and counteract later bacteria growth in the oral cavity. The organic ingredients nourish and heal gum tissues and maintain natural balance as well as, in overall, the toothpaste-gel ensures the pleasant feeling of fresh breath.

You are encouraged to join our Dentissimo Premium Oral Care team of healthy lifestyle fans and loyal followers.

Date: 2018-10-29

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