Notable FIME 2018 convention

Notable FIME 2018 convention

2018 marked the 28th year of the expo show. FIME is the most-attended medical trade exhibition in the Western Hemisphere, serving the entirety of North, Central and South America. The floor plays host to visitors from over 38 different countries worldwide. FIME’s primary focus is across four medical industry sectors: Technology, Products, Supplies, Services, and Equipment.

This week the team of Swiss Holding took part in FIME 2018 – Florida International Medical Exhibition – held in Orlando, USA, and continued the successful promotion of Dentissimo Premium brand in Oral Care across the Americas.

At our stand, we displayed an array of premium quality medical brands, one of them being Dentissimo product line. Its focus is on high-margin oral care products to meet consumer search for specialized products and innovative formulas based on a combination of natural ingredients and biomimetic technologies.

We hope FIME 2018 turned out to be your success as it was for us!

Date: 2018-07-20

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